Children's Wish – Princess Dance Party Toronto

About Children’s Wish


Who we are
The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada is a national non-profit organization dedicated to granting an exceptional wish to children 3 to 17 years of age, diagnosed with a life threatening illness. We’ve been granting wishes since 1984 and have granted over 24,000 wishes. We are the largest all-Canadian wish-granting organization with a chapter in every province, turning an average of three wishes into reality each day. Imagine the impact, each time you sit down to a meal; one child, their family and community is transformed.


What’s In a Wish?
The average cost of a wish is approximately $10,000.

Wishes can be as heartwarming and as simple as getting a puppy or as elaborate as a trip!


More Wishes More Wonders
We have seen proof of this time and again at Children’s Wish. We have seen how a wish can transform the life of a child, how with every wish we grant we create moments of joy that ease pain and give respite to a child and their family.

You may not know it but right now, Children’s Wish is granting the wish of a child in your community, maybe even living on your street or sitting next to your child in class.

Your support will allow us to help the amazing kids we serve each day who are battling life threatening illnesses such as: cancer, blood disorders, cardiac conditions, severe cerebral palsy, rare genetic diseases, immune and  neurological conditions.


A respite from pain. A moment of joy.
The spirit of support that brings communities closer. A smile. The courage to carry on.
That is the power of a wish and the power of what we do.